Faq: when should I tune my piano?

Very often I find this question thrown at me, and more often than not, it is posed when I am already in front of the client’s piano. It is certainly an interesting and valid question. I love answering questions when I’m at a client’s!

So, first thing is: does your piano sound awfully out of tune? If the answer is yes, then get an appointment for a piano tuning right away. A well-tuned piano is paramount to enjoy playing your piano. A visit from your friendly piano tuner can also shed some light on any issues with the tuning. An awfully out of tune piano can point to issues in the stability of the instrument.

Do you remember (or know) when the piano was last tuned? If your answer is no, then it is likely quite out of tune, or pitch (meaning the whole tuning is lower than it should be). Perhaps you purchased your piano second hand without getting purchase advice and didn’t notice. In short: if you don’t remember your piano tuner, it is probably time to get your piano tuned.

Has your piano been regularly tuned and maintained? If yes, your piano tuner will most likely suggest when your next tuning should be. Depending on the type of piano use (private, concert, studying or recording piano), I provide a suggestion that also fits the instrument. For private use I recommend a minimum of one piano tuning per year. In that tuning appointment, I will also check for issues in the instrument. If I find anything of concern, I will recommend I course of action that should suit your budget too!

If you need your piano tuned in Berlin, Brandenburg or Leipzig, reach out and send me a message. I will gladly come to your piano, give it a check up (included in the price), answer all your questions and tune it!

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