H o n k L a b s


Tradition and innovation - side by side

The goal of HonkLabs is to build on the traditional ways of instrument building without forgetting them. HonkLabs strives to achieve the best result, relying on older techniques when applicable, while also implementing modern approaches. The kernel to this is to always respect the historical context of the instrument that is being worked on. Old instruments will receive a historically accurate restoration, while newer ones will enjoy more modern components. This helps the instruments keep their character and hold their value for the future.

In new instruments, we work with natural raw materials, produced with sustainability in mind. The respect for nature and a responsible attitude towards our planet’s resources is at the core of many material choices for the instruments we develop.

H o n k L a b s

The Workshop

Making visions audible!

The workshop is located in the lovely borough of Pankow in Berlin, in the courtyard of an old building. The new workshop was established in November 2020 and everyday it comes closer to the vision of it!

Make an appointment and come visit!

H o n k L a b s

About Me

Since a young age I was fascinated by how things work. I wanted to take things apart and put them back together. This fascination met the passion for sound. Both fused together lead to building a lot of bamboo flutes in my youth. When the time came that I wanted a piano, I could only afford an old Aeolian that was in a terrible state. With a book in hand I began my first steps into piano rebuilding. This took my interest from flutes to pianos, and ended up taking an apprenticeship in a workshop in Berlin. 11 years later, I have continued repairing and servicing pianos as well as expanding into other musical instruments and even into the realm of electronics. Funny enough, that started for the same reasons I took on piano building!