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Taking pride in meticulously done work

HonkLabs is not only about offering a well-crafted product, or an individualised and perfect service, but giving the customer the best there is to offer.


Some of the services we take pride upon:

Piano tuning, servicing and restoration

Just like people, pianos need a bit of care every now and then. A yearly tuning is the right thing to do, but after a few years, a bit more is needed. Find out more here.

Electro-mechanical instruments

This broad category of instruments requires the special care of a technician who can service both facets of the instrument. Essential if you just bought an original vintage analog keyboard! Find out more here.

Custom instruments

For composers and players alike, there is nothing more special than playing on an instrument that has been envisioned and built to be one of a kind. Find out more here.

If it's got to be good, it's got to be goose!

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